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On this page, You will find pictures of my collection.

If You know more about these vases than I do, I am delighted to receive information about, for instance

designer, year, name a.s.o. My e-mail adress is: Tiina


These "Stella Polaris" bottles with 8-edges, are designed by Nanny Still. You can find them in different colours, blue, clear, yellow....


These yellow low wases are designed by Helena Tynell and have the name "Pala" ("Piece" translated)


Two beautiful olivegreen vases. Probably from 1976, as there is a picture of them in the export catalog from 1976 and they hav the number 1563 there. The different colours are, clear, amber, blue, olive , ruby. Designer och name is unknown for me.


You can find these in different colours and length, and lots of them. They are special, as You can use them both as vases or as candle sticks (when You turn them upside down). The are from the series "Carmen" and the designer is Tamara Aladin.


E.T. Siiroinen has designed these vases with the name Kasperi. These are both signed and even these are available in different colours and sizes.


I liked the look of this, as it looks "lovely melted". In other words, the edges are not symmetrical, and the thickness varies. The designer is Helena Tynell and the name is Palkki ("Girder" translated). The sticker is the round gold black "Riihimäen Lasi" sticker with the picture of a wildcat.


This is designed by Tamara Aladin and the name is Taalari ("Dollar" roughly translated). Of this model there are all kinds of things, ashtrays, vases, dessert bowls and so on. Also available in different colours.


Tamara Aladin has designed this nice vase with the name Tornado. Probably from the beginning of the 70's. At least available as green and brown and in different sizes.


Helena Tynell has designed the sunbottles that are the favorits amongst collectors. They are available in four different sizes and six different colours, yellow, green, blue, brown, clear and redgrey. Manufactured during the years 1964 - 1974.


A blue vase that can be found in the export catalog of Riihimäen Lasi from 1976. In the catalog, the vase have the number 1520 and the alternative colours are clear, amber, blue, olive, ruby. The name is "Tuulikki" and Tamara Aladin is the designer.


A high clear vase that is very thick and heavy. I have seen different hights of it. Designer is Tamara Aladin and the name is "Harmonikka" (="Accordion").


Even this one it is possible to use either as a vase or as a candle stick. Designer is Tamara Aladin and the name is "Carmen".


Tamara Aladin has designed these and they have the name "Välkky" ("Sparkle" translated).Obs! The one to the right seems to be older. the colour is more bloodred than the one to the left, and the upper edge is more round. Very nice.


A small beautiful and thin vase. Designer is Nanny Still and you can find it in the exportcatalog from 1965 with the number 1351.


In the exportcatalog from 1976 under the number 1562 is this vase, and according to the catalog it is available in the colour alternatives clear, amber, blue, olive, ruby. This one is amber.


Tamara Aladin have designed this vase with the name Kehrä ("Spin" translated), that it is possible to use as a candle stick by turning it the other way. Available in different hights. I have seen the colours lila, yellow and clear.


A beautiful big vase with the gold black sticker still on. Designer?


Two vases from the same series, but with different hight and colour. Thick heavy glass. Tamara Aladin is the designer and the name is Solmuke ("Knot" translated).


This one still has the gold black sticker left. Any ideas?


Tree different sizes of the same vase. At least one smaller size is missing from this collection. Helena Tynell is the designer and the name is Pala.


A beautiful yellow vase made of thick glass. The designer is Tamara Aladin and the name is Roudella.


This one is foun in the exportcatalog with the number 1560 in 1976. The same colours as the other models from 1976.


This is the E.T. Siiroinen "Paukkurauta" bottle.


This one is also found in the exportcatalog from 1976 with the number 1574. The same colour alternatives as the other models from 1976.


This one is from the "Tuulikki" series by Tamara Aladin.


A thick and heavy rose brown vase. No information about designer yet.


A little bit special or what? Reminds of a space shuttle. The white sticker is still intact. I have to admit, that it looks better with flowers in. The designer is Tamara Aladin and it belongs to the series Puisto ("Park" translated).


A pretty nice "trumpet" vase that also is found in the exportcatalog with the number 1565 with the same colours (1976?). Designer is Tamara Aladin.


A small light blue vase that I know nothing about.


Probably NOT made by Riihimäen Lasi. It is made of black glass with "chalk stripes" on. Have You got any information about this one?


This one is probably also not made at Riihimäen Lasi. The bottom is very thin and the model don't remind of other models from Riihimäki..


Here is a clear "earth globe" vase. I have seen some with a shorter neck.


A red quite low vase from Riihimäen Lasi. This should be from the Tamara Aladin series Tulppaani ("Tulip" translated). There are several different models in this series.


Fenomena is designed by Nanny Still. In production 1968 - 1972. The series was manufactured in clear, orange and green.


Thin clear straight vase with the logo that You can see on the upper part of this page.


Beautiful vase in shape of a sandglass. The colour on this vase is amber. Designer is Tamara Aladin and the name of the series is "Tuulikki".


This olivegreen vase could be designed by Tamara Aladin and one of the series Puisto (see at 27).


From the countryhouse series by Helena Tynell is this vase called "Kaappikello" (something like "cupboard clock" when translated).


Also this vase is from the countryhouse series by Helena Tynellin and has the name "Piironki", ("chest of drawers" when translated).


This vase takes little space on the table, as it is flat on the backside. The designer is Tamara Aladin and the name is "Palapeli" ("Puzzle" translated).


Nice red vase from the Puisto series of Tamara Aladin.




Yellow small dice vase/bottle and a bigger clear one. E.T Siiroinen is the designer and the name is "Arpa on heitetty" ("The dice is thrown" translated).


Small "train" vase/bottle. E.T Siiroinen is the designer




Again a yellow vase


This is the smallest vase of this type we know of. About 5 cm high. Helena Tynell, name Pala.




This violet vase is very thin, and we are not sure if it is made at "Nuutajärvi" or at "Riihimäki".Do You have any idea?


"Kleopatra" is the name of this beautiful vase. The designer is Tamara Aladin.




These vases ar of the "Pablo" series by E.T Siiroinen.


Nanny Still "Tiimalasi" series.




This vase has the "Kumela Riihimäki" sticker, so it should be pretty old. Does anyone know about designer or name?


This vase has the name "Mesimarja" and the designer is Tamara Aladin.